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Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0 Download


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File size: 2.3MB
Platform: Vista/2003/XP
Publisher: Microsoft
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Updated: October 12, 2011
License: Freeware


Windows Live Messenger (MSN) for XP is the best way to connect with the people that matter most and keep up with the things they are doing across the web.

Features of Windows Live Messenger for Windows XP

Works with Windows Live OneCare Family Safety

If you use Family Safety, built-in contact approval helps you know exactly who your kids are talking to. You approve or disapprove each new contact for their Windows Live Messenger, and whether they can use Messenger.

Talk to more of your friends, including those on Yahoo!

With Windows Live Messenger, you can connect with your Yahoo! Messenger with Voice contacts. It’s as easy as adding their Yahoo! e-mail addresses. Forget needing multiple accounts to talk to all your friends, you’ll be able to see when they’re online and communicate with them from one place.

PC-to-PC Calling

Speak your mind: Have a high-quality voice conversation using PC-to-PC Calling. Free.

Even better video conversations

Those old science fiction movies with TV phones? That’s what the new Messenger will give you, only better: live, full-screen (640×480) video.

Sharing Folders

Drag a file onto a contact’s name. You’ve just created a Sharing Folder. Now you and your contact can get to all the files in the folder any time, even if one of you is offline.

Text message their phones

See a little mobile icon next to a friend’s name? Just right click to send a text message.

Your two-way, super-powered address book

With Windows Live Contacts, whenever your contacts update their information, it will also be changed in your Messenger address book(Your Windows Live Hotmail address book will be updated, too).

Windows Live Alerts

Headlines, sports scores, traffic, or just about anything else you want to keep up with get pop-up notifications of things as they happen.

Windows live Messenger (MSN) 2011 is available for Windows Vista ,Windows 2008 and Windows 7.Please upgrade your system to Windows Vista or above  to install the latest version.

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9 Reviews Post a review
  1. joe
    Jan 12 2013

    hope to find out how this program work

  2. Apr 9 2012

    this messenger work in a macbook?

  3. Zoe
    Dec 25 2011

    I would like it, if there was a download button!

    • Yoyo
      Dec 25 2011

      Of course there IS a download button

  4. Dec 14 2011

    ya i like it .. coooool

  5. haytam
    Nov 10 2011

    I love it

  6. Johansen
    Oct 17 2011

    okay okay okay

  7. toey
    Oct 15 2011

    yes i like it


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