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Updated: November 7, 2011

Description / Editor's Review

Some necessary information should be printed in your business card, MSN will be more and more popular for businessmen. In China, QQ (most famous chatting tool in China) is more popular than MSN among student and normal young guys, but not always used for business. Some company even has regulation that only MSN is allowed in office-computer.

On the way of installation, you have rights to choose application you need such as Messenger, Toolbars, Writer, Microsoft office outlook connector, sliver light and Mail, annoying point is that installation need a long time, always at least one hour to finish, according to the network condition. I choose this software mostly because of my hotmail, MSN works which can inform me the new letter instead of email-login in. For chatting, also a convenient choice with clean and simple dialog-box, you can choose expression and animation from tool-box to color your chatting. What’s more, you can use web-cam for fluent video-chatting.

If you need more function through this software, I suggest you install MSN SHELL which can help you for mass-sending message, chatting record management and tag- management. You can add favorite website by means of tag management which gives you a more simple and convenient way for surfing.


  • Simple and convenient chatting way for business
  • Login this MSN instead of hotmail email- checking


  • Installation need a long time
  • Update speed is not as good as skype or yahoo
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