Kaspersky:Mingled hope and fear

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Updated: November 7, 2011

Description / Editor's Review

As half-blind computer users, most of us choose Kaspersky to protect computer, it is the most popular PC-protecting tool all over the world. I used it since 2006 when I got the first laptop. With the 6 years experience, I can not suggest the others to use it even though I don’t have any plan to change another production. For my opinion, most of us are contradictory on it, aren’t you?

It’s a powerful tool as anti-virus solution, with functions like scanning, database update, and quarantine to protect your computer system from different kind of viruses, worm, and malware. Strong software give you enough safe-space when wandering in net-work world. But premise is that you should renew database on time to follow viruses-speed.

However, for the other side, I really don’t like the CPU consumption with this software. Computer- start time will be 90 seconds while only 40 seconds without this Kaspersky, computer will slow like paralysis when scanning and database updating, sometimes even need restart in mid-way. I dare not to scan this computer for almost one month, wish there is no viruses for present.


  • Laziest and easiest way to protect computer
  • Completely protecting from viruses, worms and malware


  • Crazy CPU consumption
  • Computer with extremely slow-speed if it scans
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