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Google Chrome 37.0.2062.102

Google Chrome is produced by Google that utilizes the WebKit structure motor and application construction. It was initially launched as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on 2 September 2008, and the consumer steady launch was on 11 December 2008. The name comes from the visual interface frame, or “chrome”, of browsers. Read more»

Adobe Flash Player Beta (IE/ Non-IE)

Adobe® Flash® Player is a cross-platform browser-based application runtime that provides uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across screens and browsers. Read more»

Adobe Air

The Adobe AIR runtime enables developers to package the same code into native apps for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, and other Android devices, reaching the mobile app stores for over 500 million devices. Read more»

Firefox 31.0

Mozilla Firefox is now much faster, stabler and safer in use. Mozilla Firefox protects you from viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware delivered over the Web. If you accidentally access an attack site, it will warn you away from the site and tell you why it isn’’t safe to use. Read more»

Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon (formerly known as MyIE2) is a web browser for Microsoft Windows. The latest release, Maxthon 3, supports both the Trident and the WebKit rendering engines. Read more»

Firefox 26

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers produced by Mozilla Organization. Read more»

Opera 18.0.1284.68

Opera is an awesome web browser developed by Opera Software. The browser deals with frequent Internet-related jobs like presenting websites, delivering e-mail information, handling contacts, chatting on IRC, transferring files via Bit-torrent, and reading internet rss feeds. Opera is absolutely free for personal computers and cell phones. Read more»

SeaMonkey 2.22.1

SeaMonkey® is the all-in-one application formerly known as the “Mozilla Application Suite”, containing a web browser, a mail and newsgroups client, an HTML editor, web development tools, and an IRC chat client. Read more»

Firefox 25.0.1

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open source web browser, available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platform Read more»

Firefox For Mac 26.0

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open source, cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation and hundreds of volunteers. Read more»