Firefox 13 (13.0.1 Final)

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File size: 15.81MB
Platform: Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 7
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Updated: June 16, 2012
License: Open Source

Description / Editor's Review

Firefox 13 has been released!Download Firefox 13.0 final to experience the newest features.

As one of the famous browsers, which are widely used in contemporary cyber world, Firefox is appropriate for Windows, Linux and Macosx platform.

High-speed, free for download, easy to use, safeness and convenience are remarkable advantages of Firefox. What’s more, tabbed browse drives it into a rapid surfing. Then, Firefox provides the function that to block the pop-up windows. And your favorite, PSWD and other data can be imported from IE to firefox by the new migratory system. Even it owns so many virtues, its bluk is very small and it takes less resources.

The idea of Firefox first occurred to Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross; it was the experimental project which came from the study of Mozilla brower. Nevertheless, now Firefox has become the focus of Mozilla project. It will turn to the official browser of Mozilla and become a part of Mozilla Suite in the future.

Now you’ve known the firefox already, just click your mouse and enjoy it!

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111 reviews on “Firefox 13”

  1. Is there any substitute of Youtube or not. I want to discard it, as it is not respects the sentiments of others.

    Just now I installed the Firefox.

  2. I like firefox b/c It is good and eassy brower.It is excellent. Realy it is better than others. It is the best

  3. I hope we can keep on doing good things together like sharing whatever is good for mankind.

    I live on the Island of Curacao the Netherlands Antilles and have seen my 8 year old daughter on this computer doing amazing things using
    the Firefox Mozilla.

    Now she learn to speaks English and doing very well on school too.


    1. Hello, dear mother. Thank you for writing your encouraging message. May God bless you and your daughter. Your giving to those in need will greatly encourage a free Information Age, a.k.a “Mercy come down upon us.” The free Information Age has graciously been birthed in order to bless your daughter and all other pure and hungry souls, such as all children have: hungry to know and learn the truth; they’re beautiful, b/c they love the Truth, as do I. Feel free to email me ;o)
      yours truly,

      Joe Holy

  4. I want to use mozila fire fox to make me confident while operating internet. It is very easy to use.

  5. To run with time, we should must have a fastest browser and our this need understand Mozila… now we can also make our life fast as fast as time.. thanks Mozila..

  6. thanks so much..I like your product. untill now there’s no trouble. My works okay with your product ; mozilla firefox.

    Thanks for your attention

  7. Mozilla is a very good browser,i love it.Am very happy to see a new version of it.I would like to down load this new version.

  8. Yes, it’s really amazing using mozilla firefox even the previous versions much more the latest one.

  9. I like mozila firefox because it is good and fast, it is reliable to use. it is fast in downloading.if any other and relibele software plz tellme soon .. thanks

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