Firefox, a Stable and Safe Browser

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Updated: November 7, 2011

Description / Editor's Review

Firefox has introduced a new version which combined with Google perfectly. It is lifetime free and easy to us.

Firefox is by far the fastest browser. It takes up fewer resources and is more stable. It can resist viruses, hackers and annoying pop-up windows perfectly. It makes it possible for you to worry about security issues no longer.

There are many reasons to use Firefox browser.

First, Firefox is completely free of charge.

Second, it is small and fast.

Third, it is safe; Firefox is immune to the popular viruses which have been constantly harassing the IE browser.

Fourth, its tab-style browsing is more convenient to use than IE browser when opening multiple pages.

Fifth, it has all kinds of useful, free plug-ins.

Sixth, it has various beautiful skins (styles).

Seventh, it is easy to install.

Eighth, Firefox is a green and eco- friendly software; you can uninstall it with no residues.

Ninth, it has the built-in pop-up blocker function.

Tenth, it can easily stall or start the download in particular sites and can be used to deal with advertising images.

Eleventh, it has RSS bookmark function.

Twelfth, it has a powerful download management system.

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