Firefox 9 (9.0.1 final)

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File size: 14.5MB
Platform: Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 7
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Updated: December 21, 2011
License: Open Source

Description / Editor's Review

Firefox 9 final version has been released on December 20, 2011.

The latest version of Firefox 9.0 has the following changes:

  • Added Type Inference, significantly improving JavaScript performance
  • Improved theme integration for Mac OS X Lion
  • Added two finger swipe navigation for Mac OS X Lion
  • Added support for querying Do Not Track status via JavaScript
  • Added support for font-stretch
  • Improved support for text-overflow
  • Improved standards support for HTML5, MathML, and CSS
  • Fixed several stability issues
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432 reviews on “Firefox 9”

  1. I have updated Firefox all the way through 14, and I have not been happy since 9. I have noticed all the issues the other commenters have mentioned. The last annoying straw for me was when windows seem to have a conniption fit or amnesia everytime I had to open it. I always had to restart to do it. Now I’m not as tech as some of you guys and there might have been a way to fix it, but I went back to 9 and am happy it was the last time I did not have any annoying glitches and honestly I really don’t see any differences in the newer versions that would make go oh gotta have that one. Also I too had to figure out to keep Firefox from being so helpful and giving me the new version they think I should have I had to disable automatic update. I can laugh about it now. I’m glad I found this page, tried to download from Cnet, if you use IE it will download 9, but if you download from Firefox it automatically switches you to 14. Thanks guys for the links,and all your comments were helpful.

  2. Craig
    Feb 21 2012Do you mind if I ask when you installed it, was it before last Wednesday? Just because they released 10.0.2 on Thursday I think and I wanted to know if it still had all the bugs of 10.0.1.

    Also if if anyone is using FF11 (beta) could you tell us how that runs please? Thanks

  3. i really hate the latest version of firefox bcos its make my adon didnt work and all my downloader software incompatible with the latest after fox 9.firefox9 is a great and perfect web browser.

  4. Wtf? I came home tonight, opened my old dependable FF 3.6.28, and discovered FF is busy downloading FF 11! I didn’t ask for that!

    I went to Tools/Options/Advanced and unclicked the Automatically Check for Updates box. I then closed FF and restarted the computer. But every time I re-open FF the damned thing starts downloading FF 11 again! How do I stop it? Or am I doomed to live with Chrome the rest of my life?

  5. After downloading and installing the 9.0.1. version from the link found here, DO NOT go to Help/About to check the current version because the default value is checked to automatically download the latest version, which throws you into the loop of being forced to upgrade to 11. If you want to keep version 9.0.1 go to options/options/advanced and click the Update Tab. Then uncheck “Automatically check for updates to: Firefox and Add-ons. Click OK and restart Firefox.

  6. FF10.0.2 still has the same issues. constant freezing.

    window goes white / cursor busy / no CPU usage spike in TskMngr / upon initial killTask resumes as normal

    really annoying considering it happens while even scrolling through google results.

    Been raving fan of FF for years, and this is the first disappointment, so I do hope they fix this in upcoming versions.

    Not sure about the ppl with the whole PC going down from FF freezing up, sounds a bit much.

    Glad I found this, will rollback to v9.0.1 in the AM. thanks for teh post.

    sn// desopa has got to be one of the best add-ons for u.s. users. similar suggestions welcome c:

  7. Mozilla FF 10 is just stupid.When i updated with newer version 10,my favourite add on ant video downloader stopped working. I hope mozilla team will be working to make compatible ant video downloader for 10th version.

  8. How can one stop FF from asking/demanding you to upgrade to 10.0.02 ?
    I am sick and tired of that annoying pop up window!?
    Please help.
    I will not go to 10 as i see to many complaints about it.

  9. We have been using Firefox since it’s original release. I must admit, this latest version has caused me major problems. I have disabled all extension, add-on’s and plug-ins. It will still freeze. So I have switched to Chrome, and it’s not locked on my once, yet. I look forward for the Version 11 hopefully it will fix some of these bugs, as I do like Mozilla Firefox but it’s causing to many hard starts.

    1. Add to above:
      I needed to say the following when I said your site keeps “looping” me between 2 links:
      When I used your FF v9 download on Friday it worked. Today it will not work at all… it will NOT let me download v9… or any other version for that matter.
      What is wrong?
      Darn. I already removed FFv10. Guess I have no choice but to put it back in. Groan!!!
      Please help ASAP!

      1. Yoyo, Thanks for the actual link that starts the download!

        Don’t know why I was locked in a never-ending loop of “downloads” that would not open. It worked fine Friday night… once I located the correct download link.

        The download I finally completed Friday was frustrating. Why is there a Big Green Download button that takes me to a 7-Zip download… with the “Browser” download for FFv9 is barely noticeable, underneath the big green one? I thought I was downloading FF. That 7-Zip just added more work, getting it and the hidden program file for, out of my computer.

        Today I learned my Firefox was set to do automatic updates. THAT is why it switched me back to v10! Now it’s set to ask me first.

    2. I’m putting the link here in case you didn’t see it before:

      Secondly you may want to go to the “Privacy” tab in your options and click the highlighted *it will be blue* link that says “remove individual cookies”.

      I hope this helps, if it doesn’t; let me know. I hated FF10 as bad as you do and I don’t wanna see anyone suffer

      1. Craig, You are right. I did miss your note. I looked at that link and I’m afraid the content is over my head. OMG! I went to the most recent v9 and opened the Key link. YIKES! How does anyone ever learn to write computer programs?! Learning a foreign language would be much easier!

        I learned a few things about the problems related to FFv10 on the MozillaZine Forum today. You probably already know this but, I’m copying what I was told so it might help others. The instability is coming from incompatible Extensions, so to make it function, without the freeze-ups, long pauses when loading a page, etc., you have to first locate the offending extension and disable it until they get the bugs worked out. I’m wondering if this will ever happen. Version 11 will be out in just a couple of weeks and they’re already working on version 12!

        If you really want to see if Fx v10 is messed up, you should do the following:

        1 Close Firefox and make a backup of your profile folder.
        3 Install Fx v10.
        4 Open Fx v10 and make sure your old settings are being used.
        5 Make note of whatever problems you are experiencing (note that you didn’t tell us what those problems were).
        6 Close Firefox and restart in *safe mode (Help -> Restart with addons disabled). Do not check any boxes in the dialog that pops up, just press the continue button. *Firefox Safe Mode, NOT Windows.
        7 Browse normally. Do you still have those problems?

        If you answered NO to question 7, the problem was most likely caused by an extension that doesn’t work correctly with Fx v10, but did with Fx v9. To figure out which one that might be, you can follow this procedure: … ion_issues

        More important info about using Firefox Safe Mode:
        You can get Firefox to start in safe mode easily from either the Help menu and “Restart with addons disabled”, or if you hold the left shift key down while you first start up Firefox. A little box should pop up with a bunch of checkboxes and three buttons.
        ***You only want to click “Continue in safe mode”. DON’T check any of the checkboxes, as that would make permanent changes to your Firefox profile.

        Most likely my problem is the RealPlayer extension. I had heard v10 was not compatible with RealPlayer so that’s why [I thought] I was trying to avoid the update. Guess I’ll have to resort to using YouTube with IE to get my music videos. It doesn’t really matter, as long as I don’t lose my files.

        I also learned today the reason v9 was updated back to v10 was my settings for Updates was allowing them to be done automatically! Now it’s set to ask me first. Can’t believe I failed to research my settings long ago… DUMB!

        1. I’m sorry Julia, I forgot about all those different folders. Okay so I’ll break it down:
          Step 1: Go to
          Step 2: scroll down and click 9.0.1
          Step 3: Assuming you are running Windows you would then click win32
          There isn’t a 64 bit option for Windows but 32 works on either, if you are using an Apple then you’d click mac instead.
          Step 4: If you are in the U.S. then you click en-US
          If you are from the U.K. then you select en-GB instead.
          Last step: Click Firefox Setup 9.0.1.exe
          Then you just run it and you are done, hope this helps.

  10. I reverted back to Firefox 9.0 because the newest version has problems running Farmville on Facebook as wel asother Applications even with the latest Adobe Flash Player 11

  11. Guys, same thing here – i mean problems. I updated my firefox from the previous version and my babelfish translator stopped working. Also, i couldn’t find it on ADDons list. And i know the problem occured after updating to a newer version of FFox

    1. Because the plugin “babelfish translator” is not compatible with the latest firefox.
      You are suggest to try other translator plugins or downgrade your firefox to older version.

  12. My god Firefox 10 is like a virus. Nothing is working right and I was using Firefox for years and never had issues. But this new updates are a joke. Non-stop crash. I’m getting back to Firefox 9…

    1. Do you mind if I ask when you installed it, was it before last Wednesday? Just because they released 10.0.2 on Thursday I think and I wanted to know if it still had all the bugs of 10.0.1.

      Also if if anyone is using FF11 (beta) could you tell us how that runs please? Thanks

      1. Firefox 11 is still in beta channel,the final version will be released March 13, 2012,before then you are suggest to stick with FF10

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