Firefox 6 (v6.0.2)

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File size: 13.3MB
Platform: Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/98
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Updated: July 11, 2011
License: Open Source
Download: Firefox 6 (v6.0.2)

Description / Editor's Review

Mozilla Firefox 6.0.2 released September 6th, 2011

What’s New in Firefox 6.0

The latest version of Firefox 6.0 has the following changes:

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71 reviews on “Firefox 6”

  1. I was told I needed this program to run something I want to download. I havent seen how it works yet, so really cant comment

  2. I use firefox and some nights at 12:00 exactly or 12:30 exactly, firefox stops working and does not load a page. The internet connection is perfectly fine though because it says excellent. I am connected to a home router and the signal strength is always excellent. I do not know why this happens at exactly 12:00 or 12:30 on my desktop time but it’s a pain. I’ve tried “ping”ing and everything looks fine..

    1. Maybe your antivirus software is programmed to do a complete system scan at that time. Try changing the scan time to 4am or some other hour.

  3. i download fire fox but when i want to install it doesnt and says the file is corrupted please send me fire fox 9 if possible

  4. Firefox 7 downloaded and I cannot use it as it crashes every time I try to bring it up. I’m going to go back to 6 as soon as I can

  5. I have grown weary of FF. Each week, another Beta and in each one, 2/3 of add ons do not work and make brower crap. Get one that works and stay with it till you fix it to be as good as can be.

  6. Firefox 7 is a huge disappointment and is certainly not an improvement.

    Why can the developers not leave well enough alone? Don’t they realize the average person does not have time for mucking about with new programs every six to eight weeks with Firefox, also msot of us have enough new technology on a daily basis to cope with, couldn’t our web browser stay stable and reliable.

    Unhappy in Vancouver with Firefox

  7. 7 is horrible. I take online classes and it’s not even displaying some of the most basic script. The platform they use is eCollege. I’m going to have to go back to 6.

  8. I need to back firefox 6, version 7 has a several problem with the click in the high part of the website, click no working at all.

  9. I had to uninstall firefox 7 because I could not send any emails to anyone in my classroom. It froze up everytime I tried to send, and the only way I could get out of it was to restart my PC. Not good for me at all.

    1. What’s wrong with Firefox 7.01??? I had it since it came out but in the last two days, I have not been able to delete messages in my inbox, delete tabs, send new mail, get to my profile on Windows Live, search the web ….etc. I have tried to uninstall Firefox 7.0.1 to downgrade to version 6.0.2 but no luck. I now am using internet Explorer 7 but I don’t trust it …same for Google Chrome.

      Will you be answering our comments? I haven’t seen any answers yet!!

      1. Maybe the page has not completely loaded so they will not respond to your clicks.
        Hopefully Mozilla will solve this problem for the next upgrade version.

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  11. Firefox 7 is screwed up big time. It hangs, freezes and locks up. It hiccups and wont let me close any tabs at all unless I quit the entire app. I’m tired of staring at a greyed out interface with the (Firefox Not Responding) alert blazoned across the menu bar. I have even had to call up Task Manager to get it to quit at times. Call me when you get it fixed. Meanwhile I’m downgrading to v6, hoping that that will solve the problemS (yes PLURAL ProblemS). I also loaded Chrome and it seems to behave normally.
    Sorry Guys but you up-screwed this time. This is THE WORST firefox I have ever used (version 7.0.1)

  12. I have been with firefox since the beginning, it was mean, lean and fast but Mozilla seems to have forgotten what made firefox so great, it is still Fast and very customizable with addons, although is is getting a little bloated and unstable. None the less it is a great browser that keeps the innovation up and does a great job as a browser.

  13. A great browser but it has quite a few faults, memory is not released when a page is closed for a start.
    In the latest version the flash plugin STILL crashes so no improvement there I noticed, the video DownloadHelper has not worked for me in two days now: I realise these are plugins or extension, so it’s not the fault of the browser.
    On the positive side it does perform excellently, bookmarking is excellent I still bookmark to delicious though just in case.
    Internet explorer 9 is catching up with some of Firefox’s ideas I noticed also: I prefer Firefox to Chrome myself
    When researching online it definitely outperforms other browsers,just clear your cache regularly and it will just whizz along.
    I’ve used just about all the browsers and prefer Firefox.
    Some features I don’t like for example when using the StumbleUpon toolbar I find that when I hit the back button on a site I thumbed up StumbleUpon (at least every two days) fails to respond as does refreshing the page; this could be StumbleUpon’s fault of course but somehow I think not.
    I rate Firefox nine out of ten

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