Firefox 20.0.1

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File size: 20.6 MB
Platform: Windows 8,Windows 7 / Vista / Xp (32 bit / 64 bit)
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Updated: April 11, 2013
License: Open Source
Download: Firefox 20.0.1

Description / Editor's Review

Mozilla Firefox 20 is a fast, secure and easy to use web browser that offers many advantages over other web browsers, such as the tabbed browsing, the ability to block pop-up windows and higher security standards.

What’s new and release notes on Firefox 20:firefox20

  • NEW Per-window Private Browsing
  • NEW New download experience
  • NEW Ability to close hanging plugins, without the browser hanging
  • NEW Firefox will offer to reset the Awesomebar search provider, if it has been changed by third-party software or through about:config
  • CHANGED Continued performance improvements around common browser tasks (page loads, downloads, shutdown, etc.)
  • DEVELOPER Continued implementation of draft ECMAScript 6 – clear() and Math.imul
  • DEVELOPER New JavaScript Profiler tool
  • HTML5 <canvas> now supports blend modes
  • HTML5 Various <audio> and <video> improvements
  • HTML5 getUserMedia implemented for web access to the user’s camera and microphone (with user permission)
  • FIXED Details button on Crash Reporter (793972)
  • FIXED Unity plugin doesn’t display in HiDPI mode (829284)
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14 reviews on “Firefox 20.0.1”

  1. Mozila is the best ever i have used last 10 yers it is very good i sujest to my friend plz only mozzila firefox.

  2. used this good browser for six years ago. and I think this is the best browser that I know and thank’s for free download.

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