Firefox 15.0.1

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File size: 17.0 MB
Platform: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
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Updated: September 7, 2012
License: Open Source
Download: Firefox 15.0.1

Description / Editor's Review

Mozilla Firefox 15.0 Final version has been released on August 28, 2012,this version has the increasing improvement in the safety aspects , including using a set of new web site recognition system, the browser will according to users browse web site that shows different signs. If the user is on a visit to a SSL encryption with web site, then he will see a padlock icon of rolling with HTTPS. If the user in the address bar to see is a green lock key (below), it is that the current visit website is verified with the certificate of expansion-also means this website is the certificate of providers monitoring, namely high safety coefficient website.

Firefox 15 has some new features:The background silence update: the background of silent faster updates, won’t affect the front desk use for user. Open the new tag set page. Garbage incremental collection mechanism; Gradually integrate social elements (optional); The WEB application integration; Improve start performance: change but files, shorten the start time (especially Windows the workbench)

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33 reviews on “Firefox”

  1. I have being using Mozile for quite long. I will need for my internet searching. Its my searching programme especailly during my reasearch times.

  2. Firefox, the latest version especially is a very nice tool browsing internet, It best fits any connection, no compatibility problem, small in size and very fast to use!
    E N J O Y using Firefox 15

  3. Since i’v been introduced to mozila ,i’v realised that Mozila firefox works more effitiontlly with computers with low R.A.M size and is more user freindly…

  4. I am coming back to Fierfox cause I can’t stand to keep trying using
    windows explorer and getting that darned msmn for a home page all the time and I also cannot find my email tab on there sio here I come !
    I love how fast firefox is and having been used to that speed I cannot stand being so slow in the others ! Thank you for putting this out !

  5. Since the upgrade to Firefox 15 every time I open a page with flash on it the flash player crashes and I get a message saying that it has stopped working. I am going back to Firefox 14. I have tried searching on the forums to see why this is happening and am unable to find anything. I have also closed off other add-ins, not that I have many, to see if these may be causing problems but have also not been able to find out what the problem is.

  6. always feel at ease while using Firefox knowing that I are save from the unwanted difficulties arise while surfing the net. Been using it since the beginning of my knowing the cyber world.

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